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Coco & Nuts for the planet | Introducing our new fabric pouch

Coco & Nuts for the planet | Introducing our new fabric pouch

At Coco & Nuts we’re already supporters of embracing a slow fashion kind of life with our designs, but this season we’ve decided to go a step further with our packaging. As part of our commitment with the environment, we’ve taken a chance this time on creating an exclusive reusable packaging for our swimwear essentials.

Made of 100% Cotton and in a minimalistic off white hue embellished with the brand’s iconic logo, this handy pouch is set to become your new summer-fave accessory to keep everything handy for your endless days at the beach or perhaps your refreshing pool mornings. In Coco & Nuts we’ll be using the pouch to send you your favorite pieces, but we want to know, how will you be using it afterwards?

Pop your favorite sunnies, a nice hair comb, a hydrating lip balm, your dearest sunscreen products, a spare bikini set to change yourself after your refreshing swim and you’re ready to kick off your day out at either the beach or the pool with your dearest belongings on-hand.


Not going to the beach or pool? Then, this can be the perfect beauty pouch to pop inside your handbag with all the things that you need to have in hand for any last-minute beauty emergency – a crashing red lipstick, your best-loved mascara, your lifesaver concealer, and more.

Give a new life to our packaging and do your bit to the planet with Coco & Nuts this season.